The marriage of speed and comfort.

All trawlers, by their nature, have plenty of room and a steady ride. This reflects their working heritage where optimal space and stable footing were a necessity. Beneteau goes a step beyond though. We’ve used our experience in designing sailing as well as power vessels to transform the trawler.


So how did Beneteau make this big trawler space even bigger? We used our 100 plus years in designing functional, comfortable sailing vessel interiors. There’s an art to make a sailing cabin comfortable. Not only must every square inch be utilized, it must fit its crew – not the other way around. We achieved this while maintaining the exterior lines and overall style of the Swift Trawler by designing from the outside/in as well as the inside/out, simultaneously.

The Swift Trawler’s Pierre Frutchi interiors feature an asymmetrical cabin layout designed for they way you live. The richly appointed interior space is bathed in natural light and features wide thoroughfares to handle years of foot traffic. Multiple staterooms provide proper sleeping accommodations for adults and children. And well-equipped galleys, where it’s actually a joy to cook, are never an afterthought.


Beneteau's uncompromising commitment to superior design and engineering makes the Swift Trawler a second home as much as a seaworthy vessel. The refined hull features huge chines to keep spray away from the deck at all speeds and provides a quiet comfortable ride in any weather making even the longest of passages easy and full of pleasant memories.

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